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  1. Elixir: Debugging and Inspection - weeks 7 and 8

    The second half of the GSoC program started with the Elixir debugger beginning to show some stability. Some of the challenges foreseen when taking the decision on the metaprogramming-based design have been solved, but other tricky control-flow structures involving exception handling and multiprocessing now have to be tackled.

    Rescue catching ...

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  2. Elixir: Debugging and Inspection - weeks 5 and 6

    The last two weeks have been quite busy Elixir debugging: the project has seen a fair amount of changes on the design side and many practical issues came up. All that had to do with implementing debugging of programs using multi-processing directives, which are the most important and distinctive features ...

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  3. Elixir: Debugging and Inspection - week 4

    This week all the last pretty printing issue was solved, thanks to a pretty cool solution proposed by José (my mentor on the project). More details about the solution, based on changing a bit the way the algorithm decides between formatting a document on :flat or :break mode, are available ...

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