I'm giving emacs a shot

Since the beggining of my adventures on the Lisp side of the universe with Clojure and Scheme, I've seen a lot of tutorials made by developers with seemly ninja skills on emacs doing some magical text editing (for instance this one from Sam Aaron). But after seeing a live showcase of the emacs possibilities for LaTeX editing, similar to this video, I really got motivated to give emacs a fresh try.

So, I'm starting to learn the emacs-fu and finger yoga in order to get to reproduce that workflow at least for my Clojure and LaTex needs. Initally I'll try not to use any vim-like solution for emacs such as Viper and Evil. My goal is to have some strong emacsy editing skills in order to compare the achievable productivity of both.

I have to say that the emacs community seems much more aware of the capabilities of the tool. It is still kept like a hidden treasure under the siege of a Lisp dialect.