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  1. Making XCode bearable: a plugin list

    Let's face it, using XCode in 2016 is a burden that iOS developers are forced to bear. All the crashes, the eternal indexing, the terrible refactoring functionality, the weird build fails solved by re-opening the editor, the inability to (sometimes) run individual unit tests, and other annoyances are already ...

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  2. A list of symbols for keys found on most keyboards

    This is a handy list of symbols that can help a lot when laying down keyboard shortcuts on tutorials or README pages. The * marks symbols that are not commonly used; those keys are usually referred by their names or an abbreviation.

    Symbol Key
    ^ Ctrl/Control (Mac notation)
    Ctrl/Control (Unicode ...
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  3. The Kepler-Bouwkamp Constant

    Follow this construction: draw a circle and inscribe a triangle inside it; inscribe a circle inside this triangle and repeat the process, now inscribing a square. Continue this steps using pentagons, hexagons, heptagons, etc. The ratio between the radius of the outer circle and the inner limit circle is called ...

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  4. Elixir: Debugging and Inspection - weeks 11 and 12

    The two final productive weeks of Debugging and Inspection on Summer of Code have been quite busy. I've done a lot of refactoring on IEx code and added shiny new features to showcase the power of the debugging infrastructure being developed.


    IEx, as of today, works using two ...

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  5. Elixir: Debugging and Inspection - weeks 7 and 8

    The second half of the GSoC program started with the Elixir debugger beginning to show some stability. Some of the challenges foreseen when taking the decision on the metaprogramming-based design have been solved, but other tricky control-flow structures involving exception handling and multiprocessing now have to be tackled.

    Rescue catching ...

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  6. Elixir: Debugging and Inspection - weeks 5 and 6

    The last two weeks have been quite busy Elixir debugging: the project has seen a fair amount of changes on the design side and many practical issues came up. All that had to do with implementing debugging of programs using multi-processing directives, which are the most important and distinctive features ...

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  7. Elixir: Debugging and Inspection - week 4

    This week all the last pretty printing issue was solved, thanks to a pretty cool solution proposed by José (my mentor on the project). More details about the solution, based on changing a bit the way the algorithm decides between formatting a document on :flat or :break mode, are available ...

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  8. Hello from Emacsland

    This is my first post from the Emacs (+ Markdown mode) side of the world. Muscle memory still tricks me many times with :wq and :%s lapses, but I must say: it feels good. The Finger yoga can be quite tricky when coming from the distinct vi-style editing logic.

    POV of this post

    I'm ...

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  9. Linux on a Macbook part II: the drill

    The Arch Linux installation process wasn't much different on a Macbook than it would be on another laptop. Installing the bootloader comes as the main issue, but even though it was quickly solved. It's always helpful to have another device connected to the internet so you can read ...

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